Umfurudzi Trail Run


Fast Facts
Distance: 50km Ultra, 25km, 12.5km and 7.5km
Date: 16 September 2017

Check-In and Start Times:
Ultra – Check in by 5:30am start at sunrise (5:45am)
25km –  Check in by 6:30am, start at 7am
12.5km – Check in by 7:15am start 7:30am
7.5km – Check in by 7:30am start 8am.

Cut-Off Times: 50km- 9:30am at 21.3km and 11am at 33.5km
25km – 9:30am latest at halfway
No cut-offs for the 7.5km and 12.5km

Race Format:  Individual

Recommended and Compulsory Kit:  All 25km runners need to carry at least 500ml hydration capacity.

Ultra Runners (50km) need at least 1.5litres of hydration capacity in a backpack or waistpack.  A compulsory kit list will be sent to each participant. A GPS is compulsory as well. We would recommend that the runners taking on the shorter distances also carry water. Compulsory kit will be checked at the start line.


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