Barbra Jambga

About SweatNation
At SweatNation Weight loss and Fitness Bootcamp the focus is 100% on You, Your goals and Your results. We offer small group personal training ‘Bootcamp Style’ which is limited to 4 participants at a time
per slot/hr.

About the Trainer
My name is Barbra Jambga. I  have over 6 years experience in the Health and Fitness industry. I am certified by (H.F.P.A) Health and Fitness Professionals Association as a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Sports Fitness Coach. I have big dreams and I am especially passionate about my work.

I am a wife, a mum to 3 lovely children 8, 5 and 1year old. I can be described as a fitness freak as I love exercising. Apart from the classes that I teach, I run twice a week, train 5 days a week and I participate on occasion in half marathons.

I am committed to educate, Instruct and help my clients reach their goals
as well as overcoming any obstacles to either eating or exercising.

$ 180 for a 6 week cycle training 3 days a week @ either 5 : 30am or 6 : 30am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
We also have an afternoon slot at 4 : 15pm on Tuesday and Thursday. We are based in Chisipite. entries for the upcoming cycle already closed. Next cycle will be for Jan 2017.

Get in touch to book your assessment. All new participants are assessed individually.
Strictly app on 0772432504 for bookings.


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